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In the Pharmacopeial Forum, PF 48(1), a proposal for a new general chapter <1504> Quality Attributes of Starting Materials for the Chemical Synthesis of Therapeutic Peptides was published. The draft of the new chapter is available on PF Online.

Structure of the New Chapter

The new chapter is divided into the following sections:

  • Scope
  • Introduction
  • Supplier qualification and evaluation of synthetic route
  • Amino acid derivatives (AAD)-related impurities originating from amino acids
  • AAD-related impurities originating from the AAD manufacturing process
  • Non-AAD impurities
  • Conclusion and recommendations for AAD specifications


According to the Expert Panel, the purpose of the new chapter is to provide an overview of the minimum quality attributes required for Starting Materials used in the production of synthetic therapeutic peptides. Consideration in the new chapter focuses on the most commonly used protected amino acid derivatives (AAD). However, the general concepts and guidance described can be applied to all peptide starting materials.

As these starting materials (amino acids, protected amino acid derivatives, and fragments ) have the potential to directly impact the quality of the drug substance, special attention must be paid to the quality attributes.

The synthetic route for the amino acid derivative could potentially lead to several impurities, which depending on the classification could be related to a different degree of criticality.

According to the new chapter, the most common quality attributes to be used for protected amino acid derivative starting materials are:

  • Appearance
  • Identification
  • Related impurities
  • Other impurities (not related)
  • Assay by titration
  • Other components