The Company

The ILC Srl company was founded in 2008 by a group of professionals operating in the GMP sector with considerable experience in the field. Since then the company has increasingly established itself in the field of GMP audits and other related activities. In 2018 ILC was taken over by Chemsafe with the aim of creating a synergy between the skills of the two companies by integrating the toxicological activities of Chemsafe with the activities related to the GMP sector, typical of ILC.


In 2019, ILC and Chemsafe established an effective partnership to order to strengthen their presence in the pharmaceutical market. The merger and exchange of expertise between the two companies create a unique and strong and complementary expertise to be offered to common clients and new incoming clients at EU level. Experts from both company with a utmost on field
experience works together to combine their knowledge and offert the best support. Science and regulation are the background assests which allow us to satisfy the client needs as expected.
Long lasting experience in dealing with authorities and authorities requirements from both company give us an firther additional value.


As shortages of glass vials have been reported in the past years, to address concerns about the supply of such packaging materials, the USP intends to revise the packaging and storage statements in several USP monographs for parenteral products which currently prescribe a specific type...